Get Privacy Without Closing Your Curtains

Look into a privacy glass installation in Keller or Fort Worth, TX

You value your privacy. If your blinds or curtains are always open, you might be putting on a show for passersby and nosy neighbors. Luckily, Windows Plus offers privacy glass installation and repair services in Keller & Fort Worth, TX. We have over 35 years of experience and use top-of-the-line materials from Dallas Flat Glass Distributors.

If you have regular glass windows or your privacy glass is damaged, you might feel like you're exposed to the neighborhood. You can count on us for an efficient privacy glass repair or replacement. You can feel comfortable in your home or commercial space again. Plus, different glass types can even help with temperature control and energy efficiency.

Not sure if privacy glass is a good choice? Consult a window pro from our team in Keller or Fort Worth, TX today.

repalce glass in home fort worth texas

Discover the different types of privacy glass

Do you need privacy glass repair or replacement services? You'll want to know which product you're working with. There are several types of privacy glass, including:

  • Ground glass-glass is ground to create a matte, but translucent surface which can obscure detail but not shapes
  • Frosted glass-sandblasting or acid etching are used to create pitted indentations in regular patterns or ornate designs
  • Tinted glass-metal oxides are added to glass to create a color that can block heat and UV light in addition to creating privacy
  • Smart glass-pigments and chemicals allow this glass to be tinted digitally or to change color automatically in response to heat and light levels
Ask us which type of privacy glass installation is right for your home-call 817-917-3494 now.